Billie Faiers 2022 Photoshoot

With clouds looming over our head we were all a bit apprehensive approaching the grand house where the Billie Faiers Signature Range shoot would be being held.

A tall house towered over our heads, large window panes that allowed us a peek inside at the huge chandelier that could be seen hanging central to the landing. It was safe to say that all our jaws were on the floor!

We hurried inside as we wanted to get everything set up before our Billie arrived and in perfect timing, as the last croissant was placed on our little breakfast board, a big black car pulled up and there she came.

It had been a while since we last saw Billie and certainly not since she had her little bump!

Billie greeted us all and we gave her a quick tour of the place before we began!

We kicked it off with the Dusty Pink MB03 stroller, set up in the front of the house.

The MB03 is a brand new stroller that we have brought out this year and it is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable stroller but with premium quality. Suitable from birth, this stroller features 3 different recline positions and a 2 position adjustable leg rest as well as the extra-padded comfy seat harness for ultimate comfort.

With all round wheel suspension and lockable front swivel wheels for a smooth ride, the stroller also has a large 3 position canopy that displays the stylish pink melange fabrics of the product.

My Babiie Billie Faiers Pink Melange MB03 Lightweight Stroller

This stroller really brightened up the gloomy day and as did Billie and her gorgeous smile!

Next up it was time for the Blush Melange MB52 Stroller to shine!

This stroller is also suitable from birth, but it comes with a newborn insert so your little one can experience ultimate comfort from the day they enter this world.

However, quite excitingly, this stroller features height adjustable push handles so that we can ensure maximum comfort for YOU as well. This stroller screams premium quality with its stylish quilted fabric and leatherette handles and bumper bar. And if all this isn’t enough, this stroller is truly all about you as it comes with a free changing bag that attaches to the stroller for easy carrying!

My Babiie Billie Faiers Quilted Blush MB500 Travel System

The clouds were certainly starting to take up a more threatening presence so eager to beat the rain, we moved on swiftly to the Rose Blush Quilted Belgravia Travel System - Billie’s brand new Travel System.

The bassinet's large hood meant the absence of a newborn was not noticeable on camera and watching Billie with the bassinet, posing in front of such a beautiful location, I believe is the exact moment that the My Babiie team crossed their fingers and hoped for a little girl because this Travel System was made for Billie!

Before we could get any more broody, we moved over to the Duck Egg MB240 Pushchair. The bright duck egg color paired with the black fabrics was simply delightful and just the pick me up we needed as the first few drops of rain began to fall.

Billie was a real trooper, not letting the rain bother her one bit as she struck some gorgeous poses!

This is the first pushchair we have, where the seat can be both parent and world facing because with this pushchair, YOU are in charge, from head to toe.

My Babiie Billie Faiers Duck egg blue MB240 Pushchair

With height adjustable handles and lockable front swivel wheels and a one-handed seat recline for when your hands are a little too full! Not that they’ll ever be with the HUGE storage basket this pushchair features.

This pushchair is suitable from birth and it is the perfect purchase if you don’t want to commit to an entire Travel System or enjoy the benefits of both parent facing and world facing strolls.

With the last shot captured, we hurried back inside to shoot the rest of the Belgravia.

Set up by the window, with the rain tapping on the large windows, almost soothingly, Billie took her place by the pushchair, bassinet and car seat and, wow, did she just look like a dream!

It was as though the gloomy weather outside was not part of our world, as Billie looked like an absolute princess in her dress and blonde hair in a bun, we had our own ray of sunshine brightening up the room.

The Belgravia Travel System is one of our most premium products and the sun really caught the beautiful rose gold colour of the Belgravia’s frame. The Belgravia has a few updates that we wanted to shine light on, such as single front swivel wheels for an ultimately smooth ride, which made the walking shots effortless and clean, and the added option of being able to lock them was just perfect!

The height adjustable push handles are so quick and easy to adjust and the quilted melange fabrics really elevated the premium look and feel of the product.

In perfect timing, the charcuterie lunch was ready and it was time for a break!

Billie did absolutely amazing and was such a delight, providing us with the most beautiful, heart-warming poses, one hand caressing her bump the other securely on the stroller. She spoke to us all and filled us in on her pregnancy journey as we all sat and had lunch together.

The day ended with herself and Rob (our creative director) catching up and having a discussion regarding new products and designs as we all pretended we weren’t eavesdropping! 

All in all, what a truly wonderful day and it goes to show that even rainy days can be sunny ones!

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