My Babiie Save the Children Campaign

Our Charity Collaboration

My Babiie have partnered up with Save the Children to produce a small range of baby products with proceeds from each sale going to the charity to help support the amazing work they do to support children and their family’s in the UK and across the globe and most recently in Ukraine.

Working together

My Babiie and Save the Children believe in the same thing, all children should be given the best start and support in life. Newborn babies come into the world ready and eager to learn. They are naturally curious, ready to learn and explore their new world and to communicate with those around them. We understand that the early years in a child’s life are the most important and by parents and family stimulating their senses and providing playful interactions helps a child to learn and develop. We set out to create a design that was stimulating and commercial.
Working together

Stimulate your senses!

Our coloured confetti print fabrics are designed to arouse and stimulate your child’s sense of sight and works great as a modern and stylish design. By about 4 months of age, most babies are starting to see colour so our bold and colourful contrasting confetti pattern not only looks contemporary and stylish but will encourage their brain to continue to thrive!

Meet the products!

My Babiie Save the Children Lightweight Stroller
My Babiie Save the Children Highchair
My Babiie Save the Children Festive Highchair Cover
My Babiie Save the Children Changing Mat

We are delighted to have collaborated with My Babiie on this fantastic new range of children’s products.

Newborn babies come into the world ready and eager to learn, and these early years of a child’s life are crucial for their lifelong development. The design of these products have been specifically created to stimulate a child’s senses which in turn encourages cognitive growth. Families will also receive fun, simple tips and ideas with each product on everyday playful interactions and experiences that they can have with their baby.

When you share a quality interaction throughout the day with your baby, you’re helping to grow their language skills for later life and strengthen your special bond. With a donation from every sale coming to Save the Children, we can help more children reach their full potential.

Hannah Pentith, Senior Early Years Advisor

Save the Children's work in the UK

We are proud of the work we've done in the UK, but recognise we have a long way to go to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

We work in homes, nurseries, schools and communities to narrow the early learning gap between children living in poverty and their peers.

We believe our mission is possible if more children have their basic needs met, and receive help that enables them to play, learn and reach their full potential. This requires more money and decent jobs for parents, more opportunities for young children to play and learn, and policies and services which listen to children and families, and which reduce discrimination.

Thank you for supporting our mission, children’s and families across the UK.


45 million children across the world get the medicine, good food and education they need.


over 600,000 supporters, alongside families, nurses, teachers and other workers.


In a world where all children are fed, learning and treated fairly. And every child has a chance of the future they deserve.
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