Samantha Faiers Autumn 2023 Photoshoot

And just like that another My Babiie shoot had come along and this time with our wonderful Samantha Faiers!

Today we would be shooting Samantha Faiers’ Dreamiie products and as it had been over a year since we had last seen her we were all very excited.

The location was a beautiful cozy location, with an almost cottage feel and it was perfect for the Autumn/Winter aesthetic we wanted to capture. The sun was shining and blue skies smiled down at us!

Sam arrived with her Mum, Suzie and little Edward, who was not as little as we remembered from last time! With a head of blonde hair and the most adorable big brown eyes. As soon as Sam put him down, he was toddling about the place, exploring every nook and cranny that he could! He particularly enjoyed the great big garden with Nanny Suzie while Sam got ready!

After a quick catch-up we began shooting.

First on the list was Sam Faiers MB200i iSize Grey Tropical Travel System. She looked stunning, posing with the products in a nude two-piece set, lovingly holding Edward who was quite happy to cuddle into his Mama as she posed away.

Sam is a true professional and we had the shot in minutes before quickly moving outside to the vast patio to the Grey Tropical MB160 Pushchair. Sam expertly buckled Edward in, who’s only complaint was to not have the extendable large canopy all the way down! He was too interested in everything that was going on and who could blame him?

After the MB160 we moved onto the grass for the MB200i bassinet shots and MB52 Safari (a Dreamiie classic!) Sam looked absolutely stunning during these shots as she gave us all the poses and more. The sun was lighting her up and she truly looked like a dream.

My Babiie MB160 Pushchair

After this we moved on from the Grey products to the Blue. Sam switched outfits into a silky blue set as we set the Blue MB180 Reversible Pushchair up back on the patio. Edward was a true delight during this giving us all the smiles and laughs as he eventually had enough and ran right into Nanny Suzie’s arms for a big cuddle.

We then moved on to the MBX5 Ultra Compact Stroller as Sam expertly demonstrated the fold for us who no matter how many times we see it, are still completely in awe every time. Edward loved this stroller, no doubt used to being on many of his travels strapped into the MBX5.

After all this it was time for a quick break as we indulged ourselves in mini wraps, sandwiches and rolls and stayed hydrated with plenty of water!

Samantha Faiers Dreamiie Range

Sam had a quick outfit change as she switched into a white roll-neck jumper dress before we headed out to the car parked out front for the car seat shots.

We shot the Safari iSize Booster, Black Marble iSize Toddler Car Seat and the Pink Polka iSize Spin Car Seat all in quick succession - a true testament to these car seats' quick and easy installation and uninstallation process!

One quick outfit change later, Edward was happily strapped into Sam’s new Safari MBHC1 Compact Highchair and Sam was ready to go for the last product of the day in comfy leggings and a top. Edward was quite happy to be sat in the highchair as long as we had him supplied with a flapjack, a wooden fork and knife and the unique art of throwing a bright green football discovered earlier in the garden back and forth.

Within minutes we had got the shot and that was that!

Samantha Faiers Dreamiie Range

The day had come to an end and we all felt incredibly lucky for the bright September sunshine we had that day. It had been a successful day and as we bid Sam and her team goodbye we were all well and truly excited for the next My Babiie Dreamiie shoot.

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