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MBCSSPIN | Get to know the i-Size (40-150cm) Spin Car Seat

Frequently asked questions

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i-Size car seats are gauged by the child's height, not weight. This car seat is suitable from birth right up to 150cm.

Fabric parts can be removed to wash and should be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not put fabrics into a washing machine or use a tumble dryer.

Up to age 4 or 18kg, the safest way for a child to travel is to be tightly harnessed into a car seat, which is in a rearward facing position, secured on the back seat of the car. If you choose for your child’s car seat to sit rearward facing on the front passenger seat, you are legally required to deactivate your airbag. This is because airbag inflation speed is about 160mph, which is dangerous for children’s developing muscles and bones to absorb the impact of. To deactivate your airbag, you should refer to your car’s owner manual or contact your local dealer. If your child’s car seat is forward facing on the front passenger seat, you should move the passenger seat back as far as possible to maximise the distance between the child and the airbag.

Car seat harness straps should be tight to your child’s body, only allowing for one or two fingers to lay flat between your child’s chest and harness. Clothing can affect how tight the harness fits.

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