6 common mistakes when using a stroller

1. Escalators!
The movement of an escalator is NOT stable, which means the stroller can easily tip over! Instead, opt for the much safer and smoother option of an elevator!

2. Taking stroller and child up and down the stairs together.
Some parents do this for convenience and it does save a double trip, but it is a huge safety hazard and although our strollers are extremely lightweight, we would still highly recommend against this - it is very dangerous as all it takes is for the adult to lose balance or grip and bring harm on both yourself and child. If in the process, the stroller’s folding mechanism fails, the child could get squeezed inside, causing breathing difficulties. We would advise carrying the child up the steps before returning for your stroller - our stroller’s extreme lightweight design makes this so much easier, so if you do live up a lot of stairs, check out our MB02 stroller!

3. Using a blanket to keep the sun out.
Some parents believe that a thin blanket over the stroller protects your little one from the sun. In fact, this actually reduces the air circulation and raises the temperature inside the stroller and the reduced visibility makes it harder for parents to monitor the child's condition. Some of our bassinets and pushchairs feature a mesh viewing window that can also be used for added ventilation and air circulation. And our extendable hooded canopies, for example on our MB240 pushchair, means that you can keep the sun out of your little one’s face in the stroller without the need for a blanket!

4. Not applying the brakes when stopped.
At all times, when stopped, you should opt to apply the brakes to stop the stroller from moving on its own. Sometimes, it may not even seem like there is a slope in the road, but better safe than sorry! Our strollers feature not just back brakes, but lockable front swivel wheels for an added control!

5. Not making your child wear their harness.
The safety harness is there for a reason! Without it being on, the child is not sat safely in the stroller and this can mean they are way more at risk for slipping or climbing out. Our strollers feature a 5-point adjustable safety harness that is quick and simple to put on or take off. The stroller is designed for sitting, so make sure your child stays seated at all times for their safety and they should not stand or climb on the stroller. It is extremely important that children are always strapped in!

6. Using the stroller as a storage basket/hanging things off of it.
Strollers are tested to a safety standard with a certain limit, so by adding various different products and accessories to it, you could be jeopardising this. Hanging heavy objects off the stroller can also cause it to tilt and cause damage to the product. All our strollers and pushchairs feature storage baskets for a designated place to store your items, but if you want an especially large one we recommend the MB240 pushchair and its EXTRA large storage basket!

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