Dani Dyer 2023 Photoshoot

We kicked off our first shoot of 2023 with Dani Dyer and her "Cherish" range. We all knew that this shoot would be quite an exciting one as not only were there many new products that we would be shooting but also Dani was pregnant with her twins!

We arrived bright and early at the shoot, a converted barn! The views were astounding, breathing in the fresh country air and admiring the vast, green landscape. It was just enough to make us ignore the looming grey clouds that ominously threatened us in the distance.

We were particularly excited to shoot the brand new tandem pushchair, the first of its kind at My Babiie, a unique double pushchair that was perfect for any twin or sibling mums, as well as the Compact MBX5 stroller. Another first of its kind, a stroller so compact and tiny that it came with its very own backpack to tuck into!

Before we knew it, Dani had arrived but she had brought some special guests much to our delight! This was a shoot like no other as we had not just Dani’s Mum, Jo, but her grandmother Carole! After a quick catch up on all things babies and more, Dani went off to get dressed for her first product.

She loved the MB33 Tandem Pushchair and shared just how excited she was for her twins to arrive! Santi got stuck in as well, striking his best poses, even if we did have to bribe him with a pain au chocolate!

The talented and fun Liat quickly captured the shots, keeping everyone entertained with her and Jo’s seemingly choreographed dance moves to the infamous “Baby Shark”. It was hard to tell whether we had organised a photoshoot or a dance party at this point!

We then moved over to the MBX5 and the Geometric MB11 Double Stroller, but unfortunately things started taking a turn here as the first drops of rain fell.

We all quickly scurried inside, grateful we had managed to get the shots so far! The beautiful barn converted house was nice and cosy as we all sipped on some warm coffees and teas, listening to the pitter patter of the rain, waiting for the worst of it to pass before we could head outside again.

Fortunately it was time for an outfit change anyways and by the time we’d had a break and Dani was ready to go, Mother Nature seemed to be doing us a favour as the first glimpses of sun began peeking through!

We quickly headed outside, but not before Santi had us all in stitches as he found a little baby doll and decided it deserved the best seat in the house, placing it expertly into Dani’s brand new Chequered MB30 pushchair. We can definitely tell that Santi is going to be the best big brother!

As we headed outside, the sun shining down, Dani looked absolutely stunning with her bump and golden hair. Talk about a pregnancy glow!

Quickly finishing up on the MB30 Pushchair, we moved over to the Giraffe Tandem MB33, another popular one. We were obsessed with the subtle giraffe print and Dani looked like a dream, standing out against the beautiful green fields in the background with her MB33.

My Babiie MB30 Taupe Pushchair

Unfortunately it seemed nature couldn’t let us off too easily though as the wind was something of a problem, constantly deciding to give Dani a natural blow dry as and when it felt! But our Dani was a trooper and no wind or cold was going to stop her from getting the shot as we finished up on the MB33 Tandem Pushchair and moved onto the Giraffe Changing Bag before finally heading indoors.

It was now time for a well deserved lunch and our favourite charcuterie boards had arrived. We tucked in and chatted amiably as little Santi snoozed away in the MB33 with his white noise. It was hard not to want to join him for a little siesta!

As any Mum does when her toddler has his nap, we seized the opportunity to move onto the rest of the products.

Dani looked jaw-droppingly beautiful in a cream lounge set posing with her new MB200 iSize Travel Systems and Changing Bags.

Last but not least we moved over to the car seats. Once again Dani looked simply stunning, and Santi joined in for a spin in Dani’s brand new iSize Spin Car Seats which he definitely seemed to enjoy!

As the day came to a close, we began packing up and tidying away as usual.

My Babiie iSize Spin Car Seat and MB200i iSize Travel System

We bid goodbye to Dani who the next time we’d be seeing would have 2 more little surprises with her, who we cannot wait to meet!

All in all, the shoot was a success and we cannot wait to see Dani and her growing family next time!

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