Taking the MBX5 Compact Stroller for a spin

I was lucky enough to be invited out to a My Babiie Content Day for the brand new MBX5 Ultra Compact Stroller with my little one, Robyn.

Mia (the content creator) met us with a sleek looking backpack and naturally my first question was, “Where’s the stroller?”

She then proceeded to unzip the bag and I thought, “surely not...” as she pulled out this contraption of neatly tucked in wheels. Before I could say anything, she had pulled a little lever and the neatly tucked in wheels transformed into a stroller before my eyes. If I had blinked I would have missed it.

I couldn’t understand how the stroller that was now in front of me came out of that tiny bag. It was safe to say I was already impressed.

Mia showed me how to do the fold and it was super simple and easy, with just a push of the two buttons on the handle and a slight pressure applied, the stroller collapsed down into its ultra-compact fold which you could then secure with the fold lock, before placing it into its little travel bag. This was something I really liked about the product and thought made it really stand out.

The sleek travel storage bag held the stroller nicely, and unlike other traditional storage bags I enjoyed that you could wear it as a backpack, which I thought was very practical. The shoulder straps were padded for added comfort and the bag even had a drinks pocket on either side!

Impressed beyond a doubt, it was time to get Robyn’s seal of approval.

My Babiie MBx5 Ultra Compact Stroller

Strapped in with the extra padded 5 point safety harness, she had a smile on her face immediately. She loved reaching up and feeling the soft fabrics that made up the adjustable hood and sitting up like a big girl.

With Robyn happy, we set off on our day.

I got to test out the swivel wheels and how the MBX5 strolled as we had a short walk to the train station.

I found it very easy to manoeuvre and despite its lightweight build, it was surprisingly sturdy! The hood provided Robyn plenty of protection from the sun but allowed her to look out at the world in front of us as she babbled away and kicked her feet happily.

I also loved the fabric of the hood because not only was it incredibly soft to the touch, but also quite breathable which on a hot summer's day like this was definitely perfect.

When we arrived at the train station, I applied the brakes and was pleasantly surprised at how different they were to the traditional My Babiie brakes. These were unique one touch brakes! Behind each back wheel was a little lever, one for “on” and one for “off”.

The MBX5 came to a steady stop and I began unbuckling Robyn. The harness is a 5 point safety harness and with the push of a button, it was undone and I could easily slide Robyn out and up into my arms.

I folded the stroller and popped it into the bag, just in time for the train pulling up. This is where I learnt that the MBX5 could be stowed in overhead cabins - whether that be on the train OR the plane! I placed it neatly in the cabin and it may as well have been a backpack. I also learnt that the MBX5 is carry-on approved, meaning no more checking strollers in to the depths of the airplane, but you could bring it on with you and place it in the overhead storage!

My Babiie MBx5 Ultra Compact Stroller

It was at this point I decided that the MBX5 was a new travel essential!

We pulled into Brighton train station and for the first time, getting Robyn and the stroller of the train and out the station was a breeze! Once I had found a quiet corner, I unfolded the stroller, with the push of another button, flipping it out to its full form.

Robyn was neatly strapped in and off we went to explore the Brighton seaside with our new best friend, the MBX5 Ultra Compact Stroller!

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