Billie Faiers Summer Photoshoot

It’s that time of year again and we are back and shooting with our lovely Billie Faiers for her My Babiie Signature Range Summer Shoot!

As you may remember, last year we unfortunately experienced some rather miserable skies and a lot of rain at our last shoot with Billie and as we arrived at the shoot location, the rainfall had already begun. Shooting nervous glances at each other, we had no idea how we would manage to get the bright, sunny content we had planned as the grey skies loomed over us.

Nevertheless, we had just over an hour before Billie arrived, so there was no time to pause as the van full of product arrived, we began hurriedly emptying it, trying not to get too soaked and setting the product up.

Our classic My Babiie breakfast spread was laid out and ready to go and all the product was built and ready to be set up in its appropriate location, when by some miracle, the grey skies began to part and a streak of sunshine started to make its way down. It really looked like the miracle of the day!

Billie arrived along with her team and little Margot, who last time we saw was still just a little bump in Billie’s tummy. She was simply put, an absolute delight, peering up at us with her big blue eyes and long lashes that we all immediately agreed we were incredibly jealous of. Billie looked absolutely stunning, ready to start shooting and after a quick coffee and catch up, we began!

Making the most of the sunshine that we had no idea how long would be here for, we began outside with the MB160 pushchairs - Billie’s updated version of the walking pushchair. Featuring new EVA coated rubber wheels and all-round suspension, whether its a leisurely stroll around town or adventuring in the woods, the MB160 pushchair has you covered! It’s sleek fold and premium fabrics had us all hooked. One of the things that makes the MB160 pushchair really stand out has to be the PU leather coated footrest, because the last thing you want after a day of adventuring in muddy puddles and mess is those muddy little feet ruining your lovely pushchairs fabric, so this easy wipe clean alternative is quite innovative.

We found it hard to choose between Billie’s signature blush version or her new oatmeal colourway with which is particularly striking - one thing we could agree on though was that Billie has got style!

My Babiie MB160 Pushchair

We then moved on to Billie’s Pink Ultra Compact MBX5 Stroller, an crafty little thing that folded up so small it could tuck away into its very own little backpack! We all awed in admiration as Billie demonstrated the fold very smoothly for us. Margot looked adorable in the stroller, all smiles as Billie posed away.

It was now time for an outfit change as Billie slipped into a lovely brown dress as we moved onto the MB200i Oatmeal Travel System! Featuring that stunning new oatmeal colourway Billie looked absolutely perfect striking a pose with her matching Oatmeal Changing Bag on her arm.

The sun was really starting to bless us so we switched up location to the front of the house with Billie’s new MB02 Tie Dye Sand Stroller. We admired the new design on the hooded as Billie popped on her sunglasses and began doing her thing. She posed effortlessly, and within no time we had got the shot! And just in time too it seemed as the sun was beginning to start tucking itself back into the ominous grey clouds that were starting to loom.

My Babiie MB02 Stroller

It was time for car seats we decided and after a quick outfit change we were ready to go! Billie showed how effortless the Spin Car Seats 360° spin feature made getting Margot in and out so easy and how the Booster Seat’s ISOFIX attachment was a unique feature that made the days of sliding about in the backseat on your booster over, providing an increased amount of safety and comfort.

As we finished on the last shot and shut the car door, the rain was starting to patter down, so in hopes that it would quickly pass we decided it was time for lunch!

We had a delicious spread of sandwiches, rolls, wraps and sushi! We even had a little dessert platter with mini profiteroles and fruit which quickly disappeared. Lunchtimes at My Babiie shoots are always so fun as we all get to have a chat and a laugh, making the day a lot more fun!

After this well-deserved break and the rain not looking like it would completely relent, started to slow down. So we used this opportunity to head outside with Billie’s MB180 Reversible Pushchair.

Now this was certainly a showstopper as Billie showed off the smooth spin from world-facing to parent-facing and its neat, compact fold! It’s even compatible with our iSize Infant Carrier! With so many incredible pushchairs with such unique features, none of us could no longer decide which one we would want for our hypothetical children!

My BAbiie MB180 Pushchair

We then headed back inside to shoot the full Travel Systems and Changing Bags. Billie looked absolutely stunning posing away in a black maxi dress with her Travel Systems. It was here she revealed to us that the height adjustable feature of her pushchairs, was one of her favourites! We then moved onto Changing Bags and Margot joined in for this, cuddling into her Mama and working her adorable smile and big blue eyes!

The skies were really beginning to darken now and the rain was unforgivably pelting itself against the windows, but we were just thankful that we had the sunshine we did!

It was time to finish up with Billie’s new Oatmeal MBHC8 Highchair. With its subtle herringbone design and sleek frame, Billie looked stunning posing next to it with Margot sat happily. Behind the camera we entertained her attention for the camera with a bag of crisps and before we knew it we had the shot and the day was over!

Another wonderful shoot with our lovely Billie and her amazing products! And in Billie’s signature style, for her Signature Range - it’s safe to say, it was a success!

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