January 2021
My Babiie can confirm that the MBX4 product reviewed by Which? has been independently tested and verified by Intertek Testing Services and passes all testing clauses in respect of EN 1888-1: 2018 (the European safety standard set for these wheeled products / strollers).

Furthermore the Intertek report on file concludes: “The submitted sample was not a toy and was not subjected to the scope of the European standard of toys EN71. However, as requested by the applicant, the submitted sample was assessed under the requirement of EN71 part 2, and the result met the requirement of the standard.

Our primary concern is that of our end users and therefore we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure our products are not just fit for purpose but market leading in terms of safety and quality. And where possible will always try and test beyond the criteria set out for us.

Being one of the largest volume sellers of baby products in the UK market we have an unwavering commitment to our product quality, investing huge sums of money in product quality and testing and employing a full time team dedicated to quality control.

February 2021
We can’t make better products without your feedback. We are grateful that Which? have taken the time to review one of our products and are assessing the feedback provided.

Whilst we find it regrettable that Which? are unable to share the specifics of their product testing methods and laboratory, as an interim measure we have temporarily disabled the purchase of this product whilst we conduct further testing and investigation co-ordinated by our global head of quality control and product compliance.

Updates will be provided as they become available.

My Babiie MBX4
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