My Babiie Virtual Shopping Experience

Introducing the My Babiie Virtual Shopping Experience, designed to make choosing your perfect My Babiie product, that much easier.

We understand that as parents and especially new parents, we only want the best for our little ones, and when it comes to the products they use you need to be 100% sure. This is our bespoke virtual experience, where you can chat directly with one of our team and go through the products you want to see and ask us any questions that you may have. We can show you features, compare products and more! We're here for you through every step of your parenting journey.

Perfect if you're just starting your baby shopping and are looking for helpful pointers
Ideal if you have one product in mind and want to discuss it in more detail
View the product in real time and ask questions on anything you want to know

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 Compare products in real-time to help make your decision
 In-depth detail and advice on the products you are interested in
 Professional and friendly, we can help you decide what's best suited for your needs

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 Discuss everything from strollers and pushchairs to kitting out your nursery
Browse through a selection of products you're interested in
We can offer in-depth advice and help figure out what you need

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Click on the questions below to reveal the answers. If you have any other questions that you can't find the answer to then please get in touch.

This is a brand new service and the first of it's kind that we are launching at My Babiie. We think its important that you have no doubts when it comes to purchasing a product with us, so this service allows you to hop on a virtual call to discuss the product you have in mind and any other questions you may have. Truly tailored to you and your needs, for you.

Absolutely NOTHING! This is a completely free service and will cost you absolutely nothing.

Firstly you begin booking your appointment. We ask you a few brief questions such as your contact details and a summary of your needs/requirements. We then ask you to select the products you're interested in (so we can have them ready for the call) and then you simply select the date and time of the appointment. We then video call you on that day and talk you through the product, showing you all the features and answer any questions you may have. We also offer advice when it comes to choosing which product you'd like and more!

Exactly what we're here for! This service is ideal for you and we can talk you through any questions and concerns you may have as well as recommend you the perfect products, suited to your needs.

You are welcome to bring anyone you'd like along to the appointment, whether it be a partner, a friend or relative!

This is so we can ensure the appointment is tailored precisely to you and your needs and so we can efficiently allocate the right amount of time for you.

Unfortunately, so we can get the products you want to see available and ready we can only offer appointments booked a week in advance! But we recommend that you use this time to come up with any questions you may have during the call so you're all prepared on the day.

This is absolutely not a sales call and you are under no obligation to purchase anything during the call. We merely want to provide you with all the information you need so you can make your own decision. If you do decide that you would like to purchase the product during the call, then we can absolutely assist you with that and get that all sorted for you!

You absolutely can! Simply get in touch with us and we can make that happen for you. We only ask that you try and let us know at least 48 hours in advance!

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