• Nappy Changing Tips

    Nappy Changing Tips
    Songs / rhymes “When you are changing me, I love the sound of your voice when you sing me a song, nursery rhyme, or tell me a quick story, this helps to make changing time fun.” Using your My Babiie changing mat is a great opportunity to playfully interact and communicate with your baby as part of their daily routine. Gently telling a story,...
  • Mealtime Tips

    Mealtime Tips
    Conversations Talking to and with your baby about what they’re eating or doing and having conversation with your family at the table during their daily mealtime routines is a great opportunity for them to learn new words, sounds and experiences. “At mealtimes, chatting to me and having conversations helps me to hear and learn new words. Even though I might not say them yet,...
  • Getting out and About

    Getting out and About
    Observing and following their lead “Follow my lead when we’re out and about in our My Babiie Stroller. I am always discovering new things. Even before I can talk, I am taking in the world around me and will let you know about things that I like. I might coo, look at an object or point at something. Sharing the focus with me helps...
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