Nappy Changing Tips

Songs / rhymes

“When you are changing me, I love the sound of your voice when you sing me a song, nursery rhyme, or tell me a quick story, this helps to make changing time fun.”

Using your My Babiie changing mat is a great opportunity to playfully interact and communicate with your baby as part of their daily routine. Gently telling a story, singing a song or nursery rhymes with lots of repetition is a fun way for your baby to learn new language and to bond with you. Have fun playing around with different voices, smiling, and trying new facial expressions.

Babies really enjoy repetition; it reinforces new words and overtime creates excitement for knowing what comes next.

Songs, rhymes or chatting to your little one whilst changing your baby is a fun way for your baby to learn new words, actions and sounds.

Hearing different sounds, words and repetition helps their brains to grow and for them to develop early language skills.

Playful sounds of your voice also help to calm and soothe them during the daily routine.

Face to face / eye contact

“I love to see your face and have lots of eye contact with you when you’re changing me or getting me ready for the day. It’s really funny when you pull silly faces, blow bubbles or stick your tongue out at a me. Wait to see if I have a go at copying what you do.”

Whilst using your My Babiie changing mat, spend a moment face to face with your baby. Get close to young babies so they can see you.

Have fun playing peek-a-boo or copying their babbling, chatty sounds, or movements.

They love to see your expressions and may try to copy what you do or respond by blinking, smiling or laughing back at you.

Eye contact with your baby allows for you both to respond to each other’s movement and expressions, which reinforces and builds communication skills.

It also shows your baby that you are tuned in and listening and to them. This special moment together will help to strengthen your bond and reaffirms they have a trusting base to explore the world, discover and learn more.

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